Dust Your Home Like a Pro

Dust is gross. It’s skin particles, hair, pet dander, outside grit – just a bunch of generally unsavory stuff. And unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid a dusty home without regular cleaning. To cut DOWN on that regular cleaning, here are a few tips:

  • Seal your windows and doors to reduce the accumulation of dust. Another entry point is through vent openings, which should be closed and/or sealed when not in use.
  • Bristled doormats will trap dirt and grit before you track it into the home.
  • Keep your pets well-groomed to reduce their sheddable hair and dander, and of course, your furniture.

For the dirty deed: remove everything from the area you want to dust. Yes. Everything. Work from the top-down (gravity is real!) with a dust-mitt or a paper towel, then vacuum, sweep, or mop the areas you’ve dusted (gravity is real pt. 2). There’s no getting around dusting your home, but you can take steps to reduce the frequency.

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