Get Those Stains Out of Your Sheets

Your bed houses your sweaty body every night. And your sweaty body stains your bed. Not all at once – but you’re probably at least a little familiar with the yellow-ish murk that your sheets take on after about 6 months – regardless of how well you’re washing them. If your sheets are looking less than fresh, try an Oxygen Bleach bleach bath and see if that doesn’t do the trick.

To use the Oxygen Bleach, you can either add it to your regular laundry loads (that will keep it from turning yellow in the first place), or you can use it as a soaking agent for stubborn yellow stains. To soak with it, dissolve a scoop in hot water and soak the sheets for at LEAST an hour. If possible, leave it overnight. Launder as usual!

If you’ve got a little stink along with that yellow, simply add about a cup of white vinegar to your regular laundry load. It’ll take the stink right out – and it won’t smell like vinegar. Promise.