Your Workout Clothes Stink

If you’re even a casual gym goer, you’ve probably noticed that your gym clothes have a… stank… about them. Synthetic fabrics have a tendency to retain smells at a much higher rate than natural fabrics (such as cotton [very uncomfortable to work out in]or silk [fancy workout gear]).

The cause of that smell is twofold: it’s detergent buildup ON the fibers, and that build-up TRAPS odor-causing bacteria. To get that build-up out you need to strip. The clothes. Turn the the clothes inside out, machine wash them in cold water with half a dose of detergent (about a tablespoon) and 1 cup of white vinegar. The vinegar breaks down product buildup and neutralize the bacteria that’s causing the smells. After the wash, hang your clothes to dry. Wham! You’re ready to stink up your clothes – not the other way around.

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